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NomRae M
Niveau d'expérience3/5
RemarquesWhat I saw was very real and now that I know no one is hurt or it didn't crash into the Earth I will add that it was really cool... amazing and incredible. I would love for somebody somewhere to tell me what it was that I saw and if there is a video of it I would love to confirm by seeing that video that that is indeed a video of what I saw.... So please somebody get back to me let me know what you guys know or think.... Thank you
AdresseHunlock Creek, PA
Latitude41° 15' 54,66'' N (41,27°)
Longitude 76° 4' 41,38'' W (-76,08°)
Temps et durée
Date et & Heure locale26/09/2022 20:05 EDT
Date et & Heure TU27/09/2022 00:05 UT
Direction de déplacementDu haut à droite vers le bas à gauche
Angle de descente267°
Azimut d'observation312,43°
Premier azimut327,2°
Première altitude35°
Dernier azimut48,6°
Dernière altitude50°
Luminosité et couleur
Son simultané
Son décalé
Traînée persistante
RemarquesHonestly I did not see the fireball itself but when I looked up into the sky I seen multiple dots of light in a line I guess it was the train and it moved across the sky like a snake that was moving straight meaning the dots were in a line and when the line curved each dot followed the one in front of it and it only lasted several seconds I didn't know what the hell I was looking at but it was pretty cool and amazing I never seen anything like it in my life and I watched the sky all the time and I see different things nearly every time I look.... That I know are different and or not part of our solar system or completely something else.... I mean I've seen objects that were there and then I seen them slowly disappear.... I've seen them shoot away fast I've seen objects shoot in or out of other objects.... I am one of the farthest things from slow when it comes to common Sense knowledge and life and in some of these cases beyond however I know what I'm talking about just because I don't know exactly what I'm looking at at all times doesn't mean I don't see it and or know that it is not normal or natural or right.
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